Cliptorrent Redux

Cliptorrent Redux

A simple clipboard management tool

Pinned entries

If you deal with a lot of copy/pasting of text, sometimes you may need to go back to certain clips more than once. In such cases, it is handy to keeps these clips at a more visible location, i.e. at the top. So, if you click the plus icon at the beginning of the particular entry, then it will be promoted to a pinned clip.

You can see an example pinned entry below. If you copy additional pieces of text, then they will continue to be added in the list below the pinned clip, which will remain at the top. Of course, if you click such a pinned entry, it will be copied to your clipboard.

Of course, you can pin multiple clips, as seen below.

When a pinned clip is not needed anymore, you can click its “minus” icon:

and the pinned clip will be downgraded to a regular clip.